Aromatherapy heaading

Aromatherapy is a complementary holistic healing art which uses essential oils of aromatic plants, trees and herbs to promote a healthy life.

Through a consultation involving the general lifestyle, diet, exercise and a medical history, aromatherapy can provide a complementary treatment, and possibly an alternative, to modern day drugs and bring the general health of the whole being back into focus. Problems that could be helped by aromatherapy massage are arthritis, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), stiff joints, muscle tension, headaches, insomnia, menstrual problems, circulatory problems, backache, sciatica, and general pain to mention just a few.
The oils used are extracted from flowers, fruits, seeds, roots, trees, grasses, woods and leaves. This is done by steam distillation, expression or solvent extraction.

Aromatherapy is not a new concept, it dates back as far as Hippocrates. He recognized that burning and bathing in aromatic herbs offered some protection against contagious diseases. The Egyptians used aromatic oils in cosmetics and to embalm their pharaohs. The Chinese used herbal medicines in conjunction with acupuncture aromatic oils and massage to treat many ailments, a practice that still survives today.

Marguerite Maury in the early 50's developed the personal prescription by diluting and applying oils by massage. The different oils not only gave her clients a relaxed and uplifting feeling but they also aided in relief of pain from such things as rheumatism, colds, sore throats etc.. and by taking into account the state of the person's mind was thereby able to use the oils in a more holistic way.

Although essential oils are easily available and have great healing potential they are all highly toxic if over dosed , great care has to be taken when using them even those that are said to be safe must be handled with great care and must at all times be kept away from children and should not be taken orally.  

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Baby Massage Header on Treatments  

As soon as a baby is born, with the agreement of the midwife or doctor, you may begin to massage. This can start the process of bonding for the mother, father or guardian it is a lovely way of getting to know your child and encourages the parents to handle their baby with confidence.

Massage can encourage weight gain, keeps joints flexible, it can soothe stomach pains, boost the immune system, tone muscles and can be great fun for all. You don't need to be a masseuse to give your baby a massage, you only need love, warmth, patience and a few simple techniques to hopefully relax and calm you and your baby.

There could be some contra-indications with baby massage which will be explained to you. Should they apply to please discuss this with your doctor or midwife who would be happy to go through any of your questions.

I have a level 3 certificate in baby massage enabling me to teach the parents or grandparents the art of massaging their baby.

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Baby receiving a massage


Reflexology header on Treatments  

Reflexology could be used to help restore and maintain the body natural equilibrium. This gentle therapy encourages the body to work natuarlly to restore it's own healthy balance.
Reflexology has been shown to be useful helping symptoms of :-
Back Pain
Sleep Disorders
Hormonal Imbalances
Sports Injury
Digestive Disorders
Stress-Related Conditions

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Reiki Healing header on Treatments  

Reiki is a vital life energy which flows through out all living things and which can be activated for the purpose of healing. Reiki practitoners believe that everyone has the ability to connect to their own healing energy and use it for the purpose of strengthening the Ki, (Chi). Christians would call this "The Light" (or life energy) of others.

The Reiki therapist channels the Ki through his or her hands working primarliy on the endocrine system, activating the bodies natural ability to heal itself. When a persons Ki is strong nd flowing freely, the body and mind are in a positive state of health.
However, the vital energy may become weak or blocked, and this may lead to symptoms on a physical or emotional level.

The act of laying hands on the human or animal body to comfort and relieve pain is as old as instinct. The human touch conveys caring love, warmth and healing.
This act is the very basis of all touch healing techniques.

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Indian Head Massage image header on Treatments  

Indian Head Massage is relatively new to the west. It involves massaging the upper back, shoulders, neck, arms, scalp and face and has the effect of relieving stress and tension from the whole body.
This massage could also help to relieve headaches, eyestrain, sinusitis and insomnia. It is a holistic therapy which can be carried out almost anywhere with no special equipment necessary.

Indian woman have for generations massaged oils into their hair to promote its beautiful condition. They use various oils according to the season including coconut, olive, almond, sesame, henna and mustard oils.
Barbers in India developed a more stimulating and invigorating head massage (`champi) for their customers and so the traditions have been continued. Its quite common to see head massage performed anywhere in India from barbers shops to the beach, the market place and on street corners.

Narendra Mehta who trained in England in the 1970's as a physiotherapist is one of the people responsible for introducing Indian Head Massage to the west. On finding that barbers did not offer massage as part of a normal session he returned to India in 1978 to study massages from many different cultures. He combined the scalp massage given by the barbers with the hair treatment favoured by women. With his background and physiotherapy training he concluded that the massage would be of most benefit if the neck, shoulders and upper arms were included in the full treatment. In 1981 he took a stand at the Mind, Body and Soul exhibition and was met by such a positive response that he started his own school.

Indian Head Massage is used by practitioners to help reduce stress and fatigue, increase mental clarity, and relax and rejuvenate the receiver.

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